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Lecturers (T-Z)

Zhi Ning Chen

Title: Metantennas for RFID Systems Prof. Zhi Ning Chen Contract: eleczn@nus.edu.sg National University of Singapore 11 11 Biography: Zhi Ning Chen (M’99–SM’05–F’07) Zhi Ning Chen received his BEng, MEng, and PhD degrees all in Electrical Engineering from the Institute of Communications Engineering (ICE), China and his second PhD degree from …

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Manos Tentzeris

Title: Inkjet-/3D-Printed Nanotechnology-enabled Wireless Communication, Sensing and RFID Modules for Internet of Things, “Smart Skin” and “Zero-Power” Applications Manos Tentzeris, Professor in ECE, Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta, Georgia, USA Abstract Nanotechnology and Inkjet-/3D-printed flexible electronics and sensors fabricated on paper , plastic and other polymer substrates as well as silicon …

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George Xiao

Title: Printed Electronics and RFID Dr. Gaozhi (George) Xiao Senior Research Officer Institute for Microstructural Science National Research Council Canada Abstract: Printed electronics is using the printing techniques, such as flexography, gravure, inkjet, offset lithography and screen printing, to create electronic devices. It is an emerging technology and can be …

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