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Lecturers (T-Z)

Manos Tentzeris

Title:¬†Inkjet-/3D-Printed Nanotechnology-enabled Wireless Communication, Sensing and RFID Modules for Internet of Things, “Smart Skin” and “Zero-Power” Applications Manos Tentzeris, Professor in ECE, Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta, Georgia, USA Abstract Nanotechnology and Inkjet-/3D-printed flexible electronics and sensors fabricated on paper , plastic and other polymer substrates as well as silicon …

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George Xiao

Title: Printed Electronics and RFID Dr. Gaozhi (George) Xiao Senior Research Officer Institute for Microstructural Science National Research Council Canada Abstract: Printed electronics is using the printing techniques, such as flexography, gravure, inkjet, offset lithography and screen printing, to create electronic devices. It is an emerging technology and can be …

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