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Council Leaders

Executive Committee


Nazanin Bassiri-Gharb
Georgia Tech



Chair of IEEE CRFID DL Program 

Jorge Fernandes
Universidade de Lisboa




Vice President of Publications

Shahriar Mirabbasi
University of British Columbia



Editor-in-Chief, IEEE Journal of RFID

George Xiao




Fellows Evaluation Chair

Fei-Yue Wang
Chinese Academy of Sciences




Chair of Standards Committee and Vice President of Membership/Management Consultant




Secretary/Treasurer/Young Professionals Coordinator/Marketing

Francesco Amato
University of Roma Tor Vergata



Associate Vice Chair (AVP)

Mohammand ALhassoun
King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM)


WIE Liaison

Qian Yang
Georgia Tech


Past President

Gisele Bennett

Independent Consultant




Vice President of Conferences

Gregory Durgin
Georgia Tech




Vice President of Finances

Yidong Li
Beijing Jiaotong University




Vice President of Technical Activities

Jun Jason Zhang
University of Denver




Steering Committee Chair, IEEE Journal of RFID

Alessandra Constanzo
University of Bologna



Chair, Education Committee

Tali Freed
California Polytechnic State University



Associate Vice Chair (AVP)

Larosolav Gaponenko 

University of Geneva




Newsletter Editor

Peter Hawrylak

The University of Tulsa


Advisory Committee

Advisory Board

Ruth Dyer
Kansas State University


Advisory Board

Fred Schindler


Advisory Board

Mike McShane
Texas A&M University



Communications & Volunteer Relations Staff

  • Monika Skutnik, Associate Business Analyst, MCE
  • Kylie Fritzinger, Business Financial Solutions Manager