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Submit a Curation

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MSWord has been used primarily for text submission, and the added benefit for using Word (or some comparable word processing program) is that images (figures, tables, graphics, etc.) can be embedded directly within the Word doc. These can be extracted and processed separately. Images can also be provided as separate source files. If provided separately, the curator needs to identify exactly where in the text that the graphic must be placed. For instance, to identify placement of a graphic in the document, the curator should insert an instruction in bold type: <ED: Please insert Figure 1 here—editor x>. The document will be edited for English, grammar, style, syntax, consistency, and punctuation; however, no further editing will be applied to the already-published abstracts and citation information that appear in the reference sections.

Preferable length of the curation is no less than 500 words.

Please see the following Images section for graphic and image specifications.


Any graphic source will be accepted, but they will be converted to jpg or gif. Virtual journals can have three types of images:

1)    Figures

There is no exact formula for optimizing these images. Due to the varied nature of figures that can be submitted, the best guideline to go by is text size. If a figure has text, aim for resizing so that the text displays roughly at 14 px in height. All figures must be 730 px wide. The actual figure doesn’t have to be that wide, and whitespace should be used to fill out the remaining pixels in the image.

The maximum width of an image should be no larger than 670 px with 30 px of whitespace on each side.

2)    Equations

Equations should follow suit and render text at 14px. Width can be any size as long as it doesn’t exceed the maximum 670 px mentioned in the figures section above.

3)    Banner Image (Descriptive graphic that appears at the top of the issue)

Cover images are 1040 x 285 px.


Identifying articles and conference papers for citation and references

  • 1. Use your IEEE Xplore search results as reference source.

Temporary On-Skin Passive UHF RFID Transfer Tag
Ziai, M.A. ; Batchelor, J.C.
Antennas and Propagation, IEEE Transactions on
Volume: 59 , Issue: 10
Digital Object Identifier: 10.1109/TAP.2011.2163789
Publication Year: 2011 , Page(s): 3565 – 3571

2. Cite reference in your curation.

When referring to an article or a conference paper within your text, please provide the first author’s last name (up to four author names: Zhao and Juang, year), add “et al.” (for more than four author names: Zhao et al.); e.g., “[Zhao and Juang  2013]” or for more than two authors: “[Bringer et al. 2013].”

Questions?  Send an email to the editor here.