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IEEE RFID 2020 Song

IEEE RFID 2020 song
(music by Yuri Vizbor)
Tell me, my friend, dear friend –
Who could predict this ordeal?
When this pandemic will end?
Distancing is the new deal.

Meetings are virtual now,
Zoom is the new place to be,
But with a variable Tau,
Low in terms of dB…

Working and studying from home,
Trying to stay safe and sane.
Under this virtual dome
Days feel exactly the same,

The fridge is so temptingly close
But if you surrender please know –
You might regret it because
Your radar cross section will grow.

What is out there in the sky:
Smoke or may be space dust?
In just one blink of an eye
The future is quickly the past.

Well, let the world rush along:
High tech, 5G and 3D…
We will be meeting as long
As there is RFID!