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IEEE RFID 2019 Song

(music by Isaac Schwartz)
Don’t go to a conference
Without a presentation…
The night before your talk
Isn’t a salvation:
Good sleep is important,
Good sleep is a must:
It’s an old wisdom
That you have to trust…
Here is an advice
About your presentation:
Please avoid frustration
Caused by your procrastination…
“Everything is relative”, –
Said Albert Einstein.
One thing never changes:
Slides require time!
And when you prepare
Your amazing presentation,
Please resist temptation
Of effects and animation…
“Visual simplicity!” –
This is my two cents
(It is not a wisdom,
But a common sense…)
Go to a conference
But don’t forget this song.
Deliver with a confidence
Your amazing talk!
Join our committee,
Write a song (or three!)
For this special meeting