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Lecturers (A-D)

Magdy Bayoumi

From RFID to Cyber-Physical Systems: Reality, Dreams, and Fantasy Magdy Bayoumi Z.L. Loflin Eminent Scholar Endowed Chair Professor at The Center for Advanced Computer Studies (CACS) University of Louisiana at Lafayette (UL Lafayette) Lafayette, Louisiana, USA Abstract The integration of physical systems with networked sensing, computation networks, and embedded control with …

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L. Richard Carley

L. Richard Carley Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA Talk 1:  The Design of Integrated Antennas for Efficient Energy Harvesting in Single-Chip RFID Systems The design of fully integrated RFIDs, ones in which the antenna and the RFID circuitry are all fabricated on the same …

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Alessandra Costanzo

Title: Smart Beaming of RFID Reader for Data and Power Transfer Alessandra Costanzo, DEI- University of Bologna Italy Abstract: Nowadays there is an almost unlimited number of monitoring applications, such as structural health, logistic, security, healthcare and agriculture, which are planning to be based on a large deployment of co-operative wireless …

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Greg Durgin

Title: “Wireless Forever: Engineering the Radios that Never Plug-in” Professor Greg Durgin The Propagation Group Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia, USA Abstract  This talk surveys the state-of-the art in RFID, energy-harvesting sensors, and devices for the Internet of Things. Everything you know about wireless …

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