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The 2nd annual IEEE Opportunity Research Scholars Symposium (IEEE ORSS 2023) is seeking high-quality submissions for papers (3 to 4 pages max.) in all areas of electrical and computer engineering research and application. Manuscripts must be coauthored by at least one undergraduate student and a faculty or PhD equivalent mentor. To be considered for publication in the proceedings, the submitted paper must be accompanied by a 5-10 minute presentation video.

Selected papers will also be invited for presentation at IEEE RFID 2023, 13-15 June 2023 in Seattle, Washington

  • Paper Submission Deadline: 3 April 2023
  • Notification of Publication: 17 April 2023
  • Final Paper Submission: 23 April 2023
  • Virtual/on-Demand Presentation: April 24-May 31, 2023

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