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2nd Opportunity Research Scholars Symposium

21 April – 3 June 2023 . Online

IEEE ORSS is an online research conference for undergraduate co-authored works that will be peer-reviewed for publication. Accepted authors present via a pre-recorded video as well as at a separate interactive presentation arranged by the local track chair. This is a mentored experience that has instructional videos about the peer-review and manuscript preparation process as well as opportunities for practice peer-review rounds. Superlative papers will be given a best-paper award, an invitation to present at an IEEE CRFID international conference of choice, and a travel voucher to attend.

Consider submitting a manuscript corresponding to one of the following tracks:

ORSS TrackSubmission DeadlineApproved Presentation Venue
Atlanta, GA
1 April 2023Poster Symposium, GT campus
26 April 2023
Maine10 March 2023Poster Symposium, U of Maine
17 April 2023
Boston, MA
27 May 2023Poster Symposium, Boston
23 June 2023
Bucknell, PA1 April 2023Poster Symposium, Bucknell, PA
1 April 2023
11 April 2023Online/Virtual
17 April 2023
Saudi ArabiaTBDTBD
Ireland1 April 2023TBD
Tulsa, OK
1 April 2023Poster Symposium, Tulsa, OK
18 April 2023
Seattle, WA11 April 2023TBD
Online Open
15 May 2023Online/Virtual
3 June 2023

Events denoted “open” allow student submissions from outside the host institution; see details on registration page to qualify. Approved physical presentation venues are independent events, not run by IEEE ORSS.

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