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IEEE RFID 2019 Best Paper Recipient Named

Conference Awards and Finalists:

Best Paper Award: “Breaking the Range Limit of RFID Localization: Phase-based Positioning with Tunneling Tags” by C. Qi, F. Amato, M. Alhassoun, G. Durgin – Georgia Institute of Technology, USA and Tor Vergata University (Italy)

Best Poster Award (popular vote):

“Dynamic Monitoring with RFID Tag Sensor to Use in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)” by Flávia C Costa; Renato Kanno; Ricardo T. Yoshioka; Emerson Canuto; José Martins; Jean Baracat

Best Poster Award (judges vote):
“Beam Scanning UHF RFID Reader Antenna with High Gain and Wide Axial Ratio Beamwidth” by Rui Chen; Shuai Yang; Michael Crisp; Richard V. Penty; Ian H. White
IEEE RFID Mega Challenge Smart Cities Winners:
“Pathway to Smart Infrastructures: Project EMbed” by Sri Harsha Kondapalli and Owen Pochettino – Washington University in St. Louis

Best Paper Award Finalists:

“RFID for Everyone: Design of an Easily-Accessible, Experimental UHF RFID Platform”, S. Thomas, Bucknell University (USA);

“Breaking the Range Localization Limit of RFIDs: Phase-based Positioning with Tunneling Tags”, C. Qi, M. Alhassoun, G. Durgin Georgia Tech (USA) and F. Amato Univ. of Roma Tor Vergata (Italy);

“IDCam: Precise Item Identification for AR Enhanced Object Interactions”, H. Li, E. Whitmire, A. Mariakakis, S. N. Patel, University of Washington (USA), V. Chan, Qualcomm (USA) and A. Sample, University of Michigan (USA).

Mega Challenge Finalists: Washington University in St. Louis; R & N Systems Design; Florida Institute of Technology

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