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Workshop on Wireless Motion Capture and Fine-Scale Localization

8 October 2020 — Interactive Sessions!

This workshop will host researchers and engineers interested in the emerging technologies and applications for wireless motion capture and fine-scale wireless localization. Workshop presentations will explore technical issues relevant to new wireless motion capture, fine-scale localization, gesture recognition, tomography, and related technologies.

Invited Workshop Speakers

Prof. Antonis Dimitriou
Aristotle U. of
3D RFID localization

with robots
Prof. Matt Reynolds
U. of Washington

ThruWave Inc
mm-wave imaging
James Stratigos
Cognosis LLC
low-power, wide-area

tag location
Prof. Edwin Kan
Cornell U.
passive, ultra-precise

Prof. William Kihei
Kennesaw State U.
identifying vehicles
in V2X networks

Prof. Arjuna
Florida Int. U.
UAV Doppler ID
Dr. Jet Zhu
Polaris Wireless
commercial handset
Prof. Reza Zekavat
localization in body
complex media
Andrea Motroni
U. of Pisa

robot localization
with RFID
Ryan Bahr
Georgia Tech
Luneberg lens for
point localization
Prof Alanson Sample
U of Michigan

RFID tomography pose

Check the IEEE RFID 2020 conference website (2020.ieee-rfid.org) for announcements, student travel grant opportunities, conference program, and more.  Participation and attendance in the Workshop on MoCap is included for IEEE RFID 2020 registrations.

Workshop Topics and Tracks

– Wireless Motion Capture Systems 
– Fine-scale Localization & Apps
– Tomography and Imaging
– Tracking Applications
– Hardware Demos Welcome
– Gesture Recognition
– RFID-based Positioning
– Micro-Doppler Sensing
– Robotic RFID and RF Sensing
– RF Imaging & Tomography

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