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Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures for the CRFID Distinguished Lecturer Program

  1. The DL Committee is a special committee of CRFID consisting of the society representatives and chaired by the DL Chair.
  2. The budget for the next calendar year CRFID DL program will be established and approved each year by CRFID at the Annual Meeting.
  3. The members of the DL Committee are appointed by the DL Program Chair. The DL Program Chair is the CRFID Past Chair or is appointed by the CRFID Chair.
  4. The DL Committee develops criteria for evaluation of Distinguished Lecturers. The DL Chair requests the member society representatives to solicit candidates.
  5. Each candidate is requested to submit a biographical sketch, abstracts of two lectures, and availability for lectures during the program year to the DL Chair.
  6. The DL Committee evaluates and recommends a slate of Distinguished Lecturers for approval and appointment by the CRFID Chair.
  7. The Distinguished Lecturer term is for two years with a possible two year extension.
  8. The DL Committee will strive to propose at least one candidate from each IEEE geographic region to minimize travel costs.
  9. The names and presentation titles of the approved Distinguished Lecturers are sent to the CRFID Webmaster for posting on the CRFID Web Site. Requests for Distinguished Lecturers are made to the DL Chair.
  10. The DL Committee annually reviews and updates the list of Distinguished Lecturers. The CRFID Chair is to be notified of changes in appointments. The DL Chair sends changes to the Distinguished Lecturer Program to the CRFID Webmaster.
  11. It is expected that each Distinguished Lecturer will present at least two lectures per year. A Distinguished Lecturer who has not presented at least two lectures within a 12 month period may be asked to resign.
  12. A Distinguished Lecturer who has already completed two terms may be considered for reappointment after the lapse of one term.